Information on applying for a visa to India

Starting from the 27th of August, 2012, the Indian embassy is changing the application process for visa to India.
In order to apply, enter here to fill out an electronic application.
Note – the first question is Indian mission – answer this with "Israel – tel aviv".

If you are not able to fill out the form online, answer this form 
When finished, print the form and attach two identical passport pictures and your valid passport.
Please note – if you issued your passport less than a year ago, you must attach your old passport as well.
If you do not poses your old passport, you can ask for a substitute print of departures and arrivals, from the ministry of interior.And attach a letter explaining why you do not poses your old passport. The letter should specify your full name and passport number, and must be signed in your original signature.

Iif you are a foreign citizen please fill out the additional form in the bottom of this page in addition to the above requirement

Tourist visa
new! indian tourist visa is now available for multy entries.

Buisness visa
new! indian buisness visa is now available for one year.
For a business visa you must attach a letter of invitation from an Indian company and a letter from your own company, in addition to the form, two passport pictures and a valid passport.

Letter requirements:
a. The letters must have the company's letter head, name and address.
b. The letter should have a current date and must address to the Indian embassy in the following way:


c. The letters should specify the passenger's full name, passport number, work place and position.
d. The company letter should specify the Indian company's name and address.
e. The company letter should be original, signed and stamped with the writer's full name and position in the company.
f. The Indian letter should be signed and stamped.

How long does it take?
Issuing a visa to India takes 5 working days.

Download forms:

Note: the consulate is open Monday – Thursday

Samples for Business letters
Click the photo to watch it in full size
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